December Spotlight: Sexy Spoonie

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Sexy Spoonie (Blog)

The right side of a pale white person with died red hair is shown from the waist up. They are naked except the hint of underwear, chest exposed, face blurred out.Sexy Spoonie is a nonbinary sex worker with multiple chronic illnesses. Their site focuses on chronic illness, queer sex, kink, and how developing health problems has changed how their work looks.

They talk about how the choice to orgasm with a partner or not to is impacted by their chronic fatigue, about how their health impacts travel (and work), and how valuable “not-people” are in their life (and what this term means).

Their pieces on gender and queerness are great; from the importance of decentering PIV sex to why frotting is important to their gender, and their story about their first spanking (and what came after) were both great to read!

You can find Sexy Spoonie on their website or on twitter. Make sure to follow them and leave a comment if you like what you read!

What do you love about Sexy Spoonie‘s work and what do you wish you could read on sex workers and chronic illness?


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