The Best of: April

I wrapped March up by undergoing a hysterectomy, so April was a fairly quiet month as I was recovering from surgery. Despite that, a bunch of exciting things happened!

Sex & Sex Toys

  • Since I just had surgery, this means I am unable to put things inside EITHER my vagina or my ass for 6-10 weeks. I was prepared and warned about this. What I hadn’t been warned about, however, was the drastic increase in my sex drive. This, coupled with my lack of energy and inability to masturbate normally, means that I was very vibrator-focused this month!
  • A purple Doxy original nestled in a treeMy Doxy got more use than ever before, as I discovered that it’s the only one in my collection that can actually get me off (albeit clumsily without any internal stim at the same time).
  • After a few weeks of using that, I contacted Kate Sloan and begged to borrow some more vibes. Because she’s a saint, she showed up a few days later with her Wahl All Body Massager, We Vibe Salsa, and VeDO Bam. She’s such a wonderful friend <3
  • I also signed up for affiliate status with Stockroom, Extreme Restraints, and Uberkinkly, so look forward to more kink-related updates!
  • I was described by my lover (mid fuck) as “an antiquarian of sex toys. Like Indiana Jones of dildos”, which I fucking love!
  • I got the chance to have some fantastic kink with a switch I had never played with before – there was a lot of humiliation, breath play, blow jobs, and orgasm control, yay!
  • I received gorgeous bow restraints from Stockroom!


  • The Toronto International Porn Festival was in town. It was SUCH a shitshow, I’m not going to get into that here, though I’m probably going to be making a post about it soon. The good thing about the festival was that some of my favourite out of town folks were visiting!
  • I started seeking sponsors for Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit! I have most of the money raised – if you’ve been on the fence about working with me, now is the perfect time to reach out! Sponsoring my attendance means you get discounted rates for collaboration packages!
  • Shot some porn of Malcolm Lovejoy and Luna Medusa for CineSinclaire!
  • Published my first sponsored post, which I’m going to turn in to a new feature on sex work! Do you have questions about the industry? Things you want to read about? Comment below!
  • I (along with many other educators) severed ties with Kinkly after their unwillingness to discuss their relationship with LELO. We got fed up with their promotion of the HEX condom (which isn’t safe! I went on a rant about it on twitter) and were met with gaslighting and attempted emotional manipulation on Kinkly’s part, soooooo….*shrug* We’re done with them!
  • Check out this gorgeous photo of Vivien Lake that I released!
  • It was my two year anniversary of sex blogging!


What did you get up to this month? Let me know below!