The Best of: May

May was a bit of a weird, exciting month!

I’m still off of sex work due to surgery and, for most of the month, was still unable to be penetrated. But I managed to get into all kinds of trouble anyway….

Toy Things

Kink Wall Display

This was a great month for new toys! I got the:

  • Palm Power Rechargeable (plus the Palm Dual and Palm Below attachments), Ve-Do BAM (thanks, Kate!), Weal & Breech Nº 1329 Truncheon, three Satisfyers (the 2, Pro Penguin, and Pro 2), Split Peaches Unicorn Horn dildo, Fetissimo 18″ Leather Spade, Tantus Plunge and Thwack, and a few kitchen implements that will be used for CBT. Swoon! There are some great toys in that list!
  • I also made a cool wall display for my kink toys!
  • I also released a review (finally) on my Doxy Massager.

Sex Things

  • This month I mostly got off through external stimulation only. The Ve-Do BAM gave me almost all my orgasms for the first half of the month and then the Palm Power was responsible for the second half.
  • The Palm Power can get me off 7 times in 30 minutes, in case you were wondering.
  • Eventually I was able to put things in me again, which took a bit of getting used to again. My vagina had become way tighter than I was expecting and I managed to get my Silk Medium in comfortably and my Nova with a bit of work.
  • Since I wasn’t able to have sex the way I wanted to, I was a bit more traditionally dominant than normal – this month involved a lot of clothespins, choking, smothering, CBT, public (consensual) CBT, bondage, and prostate fun! My lover and I discovered a couple of his kinks that we didn’t know existed and we had fun seeing how far we could push him.

Work Things

Random Things

  • This month’s Tell Me Something Good theme was “grateful” and I told a story about being able to be penetrated again!
  • The lawyer boy came to town for a weekend, joined me at the workshop I ran, and we went to get lots of food at delicious places (come visit me – I’ll take you from delicious food place to delicious food place and we’ll do very little else)! I had missed him
  • I started meds for bi polar 2, which so far are doing wonders for me. I’ve been mildly manic for the majority of the month and it’s resulted in a lot of intense energy being funneled into my site (and getting the porn site built)
  • Taylor is naked in the tub, the water milky from a bath bomb. Their head is cocked to the side, one hand behind their head, looking a bit smug. The cloudy water masks their genitals, though their torso and parts of their thighs are showing.

  • My dominant had some severe health issues that he has been working through. It’s been a long 3 weeks of testing, inconclusive results, and not being able to physically be there for him (due to distance) has been really difficult for me. He seems to finally be getting a bit better, but there have been lots of ups and downs so who knows if it’ll continue.
  • In happier news, I could take a bath again! And I do SO love the bath.
  • Some friends had their work featured in an art gallery. When I showed up, I recognized the gallery as a place where I had previously shot porn.
  • Dinner with Kate Sinclaire, Kate Sloan, and Caroline Fox!
  • Gave fisting lessons to Kate Sloan and her boyf!
  • A non-porn video I filmed, “Hold Music”, premiered at the ReelAbilities film festival and was accepted into a festival in London, England!

How was your May? Let me know in the comments!