Two Year Blogaversary

This month is my anniversary of blogging and doing sex education for two years! To celebrate said blogaversary, I’m compiling a list of favourites and accomplishments over this time (in sets of two, of course)!

Blog and Toy Things

Favourite Reviews

  • SQURM in purpleSQÜRM by Hole Punch Toys: This toy is ridiculous. Which is both why I wanted it and why I love this review! Plus, I got to talk about my failed (and successful?!) attempts at scissoring, complain about jute, and get surprised by the variety of ways I could put a toy within my body!
  • Bella – A Femme’s Dream: Ugh I don’t even know what to say about this other than the harness is just so very pretty. SO pretty. Honestly, one of the main reasons I love this review so much is because I got to dress up in lace and garters and thigh highs and heels for the photos, and the photos are very nice.

Favourite Blog Posts

  • Kink Guides: Handcuffs and Wrist Restraints: I firmly believe in working to combat misinformation within the industry, especially when it could cause permanent damage, so this guide is one I’m quite passionate about, despite how new it is.
  • Buck Off: Burn Your Idols (And Your “Silicone Blends”): I…might have strong feelings about this toy and the way that it’s advertised. This essay discusses my feelings on ethical marketing of sex toys as well as transparency and honest, forthright conversations about safety. I also get a bit science-y, which is exciting to me because I actually understand the science, which is rare!

Favourite Posts on Transness

  • The Sex that Surprises You: this experience was so fucking strong. Every time I think back on it (even now, a year later), I feel it in my heart, chest, and pelvis. The way to nonbinary folk navigate their gender and genitals with each other is powerful and healing and magical.
  • To All My Cis Lovers: I actually really love writing poems because they convey the pattern and cadence I speak in more clearly than I think prose does. This piece speaks to the frustration I feel so frequently when attempting to hook up with cis folk, and the things I wish that I could communicate to them in that moment.

Favourite Sex Toys

  • We Vibe Touch: I wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I do! It isn’t shaped like my other fave vibes, but this one was a hit. It’s small enough to carry in my coat pocket and easily use on my clit during PIV sex in positions where a larger wand is in the way. It’s rumbly and fairly powerful for its size, too!
  • Vixen Creations Leo: This was one of my first dildos that I ever bought and, to be honest, I always forget how much I love it! It’s soft, is large without being overwhelming, and has a pulled-back foreskin, soooo….Every time I pull it out of my closet and put it inside me, I’m always pleasantly surprised by how damn much I like it.

Least Favourite Sex Toys

  • Pipedream Basix 18 Inch Ribbed Double Dildo: Strings of dildo material stretch between the toy and my hand. Like grilled cheese when you cut it in half. *shudders* Please don’t put this inside your genitals.
  • Dame Eva: The vibrations are weak and it’s nearly impossible to actually position this toy properly on your genitals. It may look cute, but I will never use it after my review is published.

Most Wanted Sex Toys

  • Fearsome Fingers: I have nothing to say about this other than hnnnnngggg I want it!! They look sharp and intense and like they could cause some actual pain or a lot of teasing scratches and oooof I want them *swooning*
  • CalExotics Inspire: This is smaller than a wand such as the Doxy or the Magic Wand, which are bigger than my preferences. It’s also nice and rumbly, but not overwhelming for my preferences.

Favourite Lubes

an orange cat kneeds a blanket next to a bottle of Slippery Stuff and a bottle of Sutil lubesBoth of these work with my chemical sensitivities, horray!

  • Sutil Lube: Thick, water-based lube, Eco-certified ingredients, biodegradable tube, and made in Canada? Ummmm, yes please!
  • Slippery Stuff: Another thick, water-based lube! It is glycerine and fragrance free, and doesn’t contain paraben.

Favourite Impact Toys

  • The Lolly Crop: Super cute! Meaner than it looks! Round, silicone head that’s easy to clean and easy to hit with a firm sting!
  • LeatherBeaten Liquid Cane: My favourite impact toys (to use on others) are ones that hit hard without me exerting much effort. This thing whips around and leaves beautiful lashes on the body of your lucky submissive. Swoon!

Most Wanted Impact Toys

  • Extreme Crop (which is out of stock…the Extreme Red Heart Crop is the same thing except red and heart shaped so it’s what I want if the Extreme Crop doesn’t get stocked again): I was debating between buying one of these of the Lolly Crop at the store for a long time. I love the one that I picked, but I still can’t stop thinking about these guys. They’re made with airport grade aluminum and they huuuuurt. Yes, please!
  • Weal & Breech Paddle Nº 1329: Handmade by a company in Toronto, these Weal & Breech products are so pretty and well-made. The first time I got to handle one I immediately wanted their whole line – I may be a bit of a collector!

Blog Goals for the Next Year

  • Stick to my schedule of one update per week: I am not so good at sticking to a schedule when my health goes up and down. but I am trying very hard to remedy this! I really want to commit to this site and sticking to my commitment to it.
  • Double my follower count: Being able to concretely measure growth/expansion is super satisfying to me! I want to be at 5500 followers collectively across social mediums in a year is a lovely way of feeling accomplished.

Porn Things

Porn Goals for the Next Year

  • Actually launch the porn half of this site: Do I need to explain this at all? I want to finally get my porn out there to the world!
  • Pay performers and crew for each shoot: I don’t think I need to explain this, either. People deserve to get paid (and fairly!) for their work, and I want to make sure I can do this for my performers and crew.

Favourite Released Porn I’ve Performed In

    • Please by CineSinclaire: Performing with the stunning Tobi Hill-Meyer, this video includes some roughhousing, saucy red underwear, a thigh harness, me learning to muff, a fuckton of chemistry, fingering, and biting!
    • Touch by CineSinclaire: Performing with Harley J, this is a super queer shoot featuring blowjobs, anal and vaginal fingering, dildos and vibrators, giggling, making out, and muffing!

A white brunette guy with short facial hair leans against a wall, eyes closed. Taylor is lying face down against his shoulder with a huge grin on their face. They are both naked and the brunette's arm is resting gently on Taylor's back

Favourite Released Porn I’ve Produced

  • Muscular Soap’n’Stroke featuring Malcolm Lovejoy: Malcolm is super gorgeous! He enjoys a luxurious shower, the camera capturing how the sunlight, water, and soap falls on his body before he starts to stroke his cock.
  • Clothespins featuring Caroline Fox: This was the very first video I shot! Caroline covers her body in clothespins and butterfly clamps as she masturbates, letting the enjoying the weight and the pain of the clamps.

Other Things

Favourite Tweets

  • I have no tact when it comes to the rough dickins: I just…really want to get pounded, okay?!
  • I am not good at matching the conversation topic to the setting: *shrugs* if I’m around you, you’ll know my feelings about genitals and sex and sexuality. There’s no escaping it. I am not safe for public consumption!

Favourite Instagram Photos

Favourite Ways to Support my Work

  • Hire me!: I can be hired for ad spaces, sponsored posts or social media, consulting, reviews, to produce or perform in porn, to speak at your event….Can you think of something? Pitch it to me! I’m happy to send you a quote!
  • Donate to my Patreon: I’ve recently revamped my rewards! They now include gratitude, a shout-out, access to my snapchat, a personalized postcard, one-on-one skype show, erotic photos, and custom videos! These are some pretty fantastic perks, if I do say so myself!

Other Professional Goals

Taylor looking shocked at something Kate Sinclaire is saying at Playground Conference
Why do I look so utterly shocked? Who knows!
  • Present at a couple of conferences outside of Toronto: I have my sights set on the Philly Trans Health Conference 2017 and Woodhull 2018, but hopefully it won’t be restricted to just these two!
  • Have my porn screened at a porn fest: There’s nothing quite like seeing your work be screened in front of a crowd and having them react to what you’ve created. I want more of this in the upcoming year!


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