Doxy Massager

Last summer I had the pleasure of getting to handle Doxy’s new Die Cast Massagers and I fell in love with how they looked, but not their intensity. When testing the Die Cast and the Original in my hands, the Die Cast felt a bit more powerful and thuddy to me, though I’m not sure if that’s actually the case (Lilly doesn’t think so, as noted in her comparison post).

closeup of the head of a Doxy original. It is upside downBecause of the perceived difference in strength, and my penchant for vibrators with mid-range intensity levels, I opted to go for the Doxy Original. It certainly didn’t hurt that it comes in a gorgeous purple that almost matches my brand colour!

It is large compared to the wands that I tend to go for (preferring ones around the size of the Original Mystic Wand), but it’s comparable to other wands such as the Magic Wand. The head is similar enough to the Magic Wand that Doxy claims it will “fit all standard sized wand attachments”, so you can use it with your favourite Hitachi attachments, if you have any. The head is devoid of the grooves I hate so much on the Original Mystic Wand, making cleanup much easier, and it is also quite soft and squishy. Because of this, I was able to apply more pressure with the vibrator against my clit without making the intensity too much for me. The head is made from hypoallergenic, medical grade, non-porous PVC that is free from latex or undesirable phthalates.

closeup of the power buttons on a Doxy originalThe cord is lengthy – 12 feet! – so it’s unlikely that it will accidentally get unplugged during use right when it’s a critical moment. I find the cord a little annoying when I’m cleaning the vibrator, as there’s just SO much of it to gather and keep out of the way, but it’s not a big detriment in my eyes. The buttons, located about halfway down the handle, are large and easier to push than many vibrators in the market, which is nice.

The Doxy doesn’t come with different vibration settings; it cycles from low to high by pressing and holding the up or down buttons, which I dislike. I find it incredibly difficult to shift the settling slightly higher when I want to. This means that I find myself having to stop and fumble – up, now down, oops; too far down, up a bit more – at more critical moments, which annoys me but may not affect you, depending on what intensity settings you prefer. Another interesting thing to note about this vibrator is that, when turned on, it doesn’t start at the lowest vibration intensity. It starts at approximately 75% power, which is probably as high as I’ve used it. I typically stay under about 60% power; preferring both the strength and the noise level. When on full power, the Doxy definitely is noticeable, but when on a lower setting it is surprisingly quiet. The only times I have consistently used the Doxy between 60-100% power is when I haven’t paired it with internal stimulation at the same time.

Note: the Doxy has an auto shut-off after 25 minutes of continual use. It can immediately be turned back on by simply pressing the “power” button again.

A purple Doxy original nestled in a treeThe Doxy is on the more expensive side – selling at $139 USD from Tantus, which makes it inaccessible for many folk. It’s a good vibrator, but if you’re looking for something comparable, the Original Magic Wand sells for $59.95 and the Rechargeable Magic Wand for $124.95. If you want a vibrator of a similar size and strength, the Magic Wands may be a better option for you.

You can purchase this from Tantus (US), Come as You Are (Canada), La Petite Mort (Canada), Stockroom (US), or UberKinky (UK).

This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.


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