An Ode to Foreskin – Tantus Uncut #1

Dear foreskin,

I love how fun it is to stretch you with my fingers, to peel you back from a hard head with my mouth. I love to stimulate that exposed head right after orgasm and delight in the reactions of the over-sensitive penis-owner. I love making you do ridiculous, non-sexual things. I also love when doing this someone causes an erection to happen.

A lot of these things are not possible with dildos, but I love you there anyway. The way the ridge forms an extra little bit of texture for me to rub against, the way it looks a little bit more like my favourite flesh-penises…I love it.

I love you, dear foreskin, forever more.



Tantus’ uncut dildos are almost everything I want in a dildo.

Made in their dual density silicone, they have a nice, realistic squish to them. Available in cream, cocoa, and mocha (mine is cream), they offer a better colour-match for people with a range of skin tones. There are veins and some great attention to detail at the head of the penis, which features the foreskin pulled over the tip. This excites me so very much, I don’t think you fully realize.


There are few dildos on the market that are intact – many of the ones that are, such as the Uncut Emperor, are porous – which makes me even more excited by Tantus’ Uncuts! While the foreskin doesn’t move (sad), it is definitely there and these two Uncut dildos are 100% non-porous and body-safe! One thing that I didn’t know about this dildo when I first got it was that it was designed both by Tantus and by the folks over at SheVibe! I think this is pretty awesome and makes it an even more note-worthy toy.

There is so much attention to detail when it comes to the Uncuts. There’s a urethral opening, an enlarged head, several veins, and a foreskin that is pulled just a little bit back, exposing part but not all of the dildo’s head. It is a beautiful work of art and has enough texture to notice but not so much it’s overwhelming for those who don’t like that in a toy. All of this extra texture does make it more challenging to hand-wash however, so Tantus recommends you either boil these dildos or put them in the dishwasher.


Made from Tantus’ 02 silicone, the Uncut dildos have a soft outer layer and firm core made out of premium, medical-grade silicone. As I’m mentioned in other reviews, this material also picks up a lot of dust/pet fur, so be sure to give it a quick clean before using. The head itself is softer and squishier than the shaft of the dildos, which I found really helpful as the head is also thicker than the shaft, which meant I had a harder time inserting it initially but the amount of give that the head has helped make it easier on me.

I selected the larger of the uncuts, the Uncut #1, to review and am very pleased with my choice. This dildo is a little bit larger than the average toy that I put inside me and between that and a pretty severe disconnect was feeling to my vagina/body in general, it took me longer than expected to actually use this on myself and in the meantime, I used it numerous times (both with my Rodeohs and my Joque) for pegging! All of the people I used this toy on anally found it to be just a tiny bit too long for their preferences, in which case the Uncut #2 would probably be a better option as it is one inch shorter.


I only used the Uncut #1 on myself vaginally and, though it took some getting used to, found the length to be really nice. Once I got this dildo inside of me, the enlarged head worked well to stretch me, giving me a feeling of fullness that I quite enjoyed. The gentle curve in the shaft made this toy perfectly target my g-spot and because of the material, I was able to either firmly pound or have a more gentle pressure, depending on how my vagina felt like being handled.

All-in-all? Oof. Yes please to this dildo! it looks AMAZING and it feels just as good inside you.

You can purchase either the Uncut #1 or Uncut #2 from Tantus!

This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.