The Suction Cup

I’ve always loved the idea of a toy with a suction base but also want them to be harness compatible and don’t tend to like how suction toys feel in a harness. Leave it to Tantus to solve this problem for me, creating a removable suction cup! This 100% silicone accessory is compatible with basically any toy that has a spot for a bullet vibrator (I say ‘basically’ because it would be weird with a toy such as the Realdoe) and it has a very smooth satiny-matte texture. It sticks very securely to all the surfaces I tested it on – walls, bathtub, sink, fridge, glass, plastic, wood, laminate, and my hand. I tested it with a toy on the suction cup to see if the added weight would affect things and when I tried to pull the suction cup from the surface, the toy would always come off first.


I do wish that the attachment piece was a bit longer – it is close to 2″ long and I think it could’ve used another inch because the droop of the toy when mounted to the wall was approximately 30 degrees down and it swayed a lot while trying to push against it. I’ve measured the size of the bullet hole in a few toys that I own and they seem to all be about 2 ½” so that extra bit of length would fit.

Suction Cup-1-2

The suction cup is bleachable and dishwasher safe or it can be cleaned with soap and water.

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This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.