I am intense about textures, and not just when it comes to sex toys. To the degree that even thinking about eating an avocado legitimately freaks me out. So when it comes to textured toys like Tantus’ Echo, I’m always a bit trepidatious.


100% pure silicone; a deep, glossy purple; smooth and semi-firm; the Echo is really nice to look at. It has no smell or taste to it, though I tested it with a vanilla lube and found that smell lingered even after a thorough cleaning. It has a flared base making it harness-compatible and safe for anal play, has an insertable length of 6 ½” and has four ridges past the head of the dildo. You really feel each one of those ridges, too! If you’re looking to thrust the dildo quickly, I found the easiest way of doing that was to tuck a finger inside the hole made for the bullet vibrator instead of holding the base, though for many people that’ll make the texture a bit too overwhelming. With a harness (the Aslan Jaguar) you retain a lot of control over the dildo, which is always a big plus.

It picks up some lint/hair but not a lot and is very easy to clean despite the ridges.


It came with a Tantus bullet vibrator but not their standard one. This bullet is 3″ long instead of 2 ¼ and tapers to a smooth point instead of having a rounded tip which means that the vibrations are more intensely focused on the desired location. And y’know what? It didn’t suck! Definitely a HUGE step up from the regular bullet vibe most stores include (which in my opinion is utter garbage so that’s not saying much). I’m actually going to use this vibrator again instead of simply tossing it out!

I don’t find the vibrator added anything when used in the Echo and it was nearly impossible to pry out of there (imagine my partner grasping the dildo with both hands and me clamped onto the bullet with my teeth, both of us yanking with all our might. I wish I could say this was the first time we’ve done this but it also happened with the Realdoe Stout). The ridges on the Echo really overshadow the vibrator’s power.

This toy is also offered with a handle (not harness-compatible and doesn’t vibrate) – You can find the Echo Handle or the regular Echo (featured in this review) direct from Tantus. If you insert the code “TJM” upon checkout, you’ll receive 15% off your order!

This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.