Looking Back, Looking Forward: Taylor’s 26th Birthday Goals

Today I turn 26, and am pleased to be spending it in Edmonton with my dominant! Happy birthday to me! Since I am all about self-reflection, trying to do better, and having experiences, I’ve compiled a list of 13 great things from my 25th year, and 13 goals for my 26th!

Looking Back

  1. I made it to my first (and second!) kink conference!
  2. I traveled, a lot
  3. I presented at a conference, taught a handful of workshops, was on podcasts and featured on other sites a whole bunch
  4. In my Second Blogaverary post I set the goal of sticking to a once-a-week posting schedule which I have more than doubled, now posting nine updates a month!
  5. I got my uterus (and Fallopian tubes and cervix) removed! This has resulted in me now having a 0% chance in getting pregnant, and not having to bleed monthly. Greatest. decision. ever
  6. An orange cat sits in the windowsill, her head facing up, neck extended. Her eyes are very wide and her mouth is open in a silent meow.

  7. I got a second cat! I just discovered that this cat is, in fact, not a boy cat like I was told, but Major Tom is still pretty darn cute
  8. I rebranded and relaunched my escorting site to be more true to how I identify and express myself, and that has been a successful move on my part
  9. I’ve made more money from sex-related work than ever before
  10. I’ve been working a lot to get better at things that scare me. It’s hard overcoming things that are trauma responses or so ingrained that you forgot what it’s like to be without it, but I’m getting there! I’ve made a lot of progress on a few of them, which feels very nice
  11. I learned how to make jam!
  12. I wrote a whole pile of pieces that scared me
  13. And just as many that didn’t, but I was quite proud of anyway. (Plus this one which I didn’t write but it needs constant promoting because Mari and their piece are fantastic)
  14. I also met so many amazing people through my travels and adventures. I am so happy to have met each of them, and to have been able to foster that connection (even if it was a short-term one)

Looking Forward

  1. Maintain my schedule of nine posts a month!
  2. Run a minimum of one workshop a month
  3. Start running online workshops
  4. Make this site my primary means of income – hire me for ad spaces, sponsored posts or social media, consulting, reviews, to produce or perform in porn, to speak at your event….Can you think of something? Pitch it to me! I’m happy to send you a quote! Or you could subscribe to my Patreon or OnlyFans, or purchase using my affiliate links!
  5. Up my follower count. Being able to concretely measure growth/expansion is super satisfying to me! I want to be at 6000 followers collectively across social mediums in a year from now.
  6. A cartoon fox logo featuring a fox's head and big, bushy tail coming out of what appears to be a pair of labia. The fox is winking.

  7. Actually launch the porn half of this site: Do I need to explain this at all? I want to finally get my porn out there to the world!
  8. Pay performers and crew for each shoot: I don’t think I need to explain this, either. People deserve to get paid (and fairly!) for their work, and I want to make sure I can do this for my performers and crew.
  9. Present at more couple of conferences outside of Toronto: I’m specifically hoping to present at some kink conferences such as Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire and some of the larger sexuality conferences such as Woodhull
  10. Have my porn screened at a porn fest: There’s nothing quite like seeing your work be screened in front of a crowd and having them react to what you’ve created. I want more of this in the upcoming year!
  11. Start teaching some more advanced kink classes
  12. Go on at least one escorting tour, even though they make me nervous as hell
  13. Finally make it back to Montreal!
  14. Get first aid and CPR certified again

There was lots of crap that came with my 25th year, but it was a good one overall. Thank you to all those who played a part in making it special – now on to 26!

Feeling Generous?

Want to get me a little something as a birthday gift? Here are some ideas!

  1. Start a monthly subscription to my Patreon! Subscriptions start at $1/post and you can always set a monthly cap on it.
  2. Book me for duos and/or travel!
  3. Donate to my tattoo fund.
  4. Amazon.ca giftcards are always welcome!
  5. Speaking of giftcards, the following stores are always a safe bet: Glad Day Bookshop, Northbound Leather, Second Cup Coffee, or Etsy.
  6. And, finally, you can peruse my wishlist if you want to get something specific. All this list has is pretty things for my body, things that make my body feel good, and sharp scary things to slice you up with, just fyi!


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