Tantus Rumble Review

In 2016, Tantus released their first wand vibrator! There was a lot of hype and excitement about this, as Tantus is well-known to make some of the most incredible silicone toys (their dual-density makes me swoon), but the release of the Rumble was met with mixed reviews.

the Tantus Rumble lies diagonally over a sheet of iceWhen it comes to vibrators, here are my preferences:

  • physically small
  • lightweight (preferable)
  • rumbly vibrations but not intense
  • either a pulse or a low-to-high-and-back setting as well as straight vibrations
  • easy to clean

The Tantus Rumble is extremely small and lightweight – by far the lightest wand I’ve looked at. It fits my hand nicely and I find the angle that I hold the vibrator at to be much more ideal than one with a larger handle.

It has three speed intensities, two pulse settings, and one setting that builds in intensity before dropping again. The vibrations are not too strong (comparable to those on the Original Mystic Wand); it’s definitely not a powerhouse, which is a plus in my books. While the Rumble isn’t strong enough to get my off without penetration as well, I essentially never masturbate without a combo of internal and external stimulation, so that doesn’t change my opinion.

The head has a removable cover made with Tantus’ matte silicone – it has a bit of drag to it, feels great with water-based lubricant and is incredibly easy to clean through boiling, putting in the dishwasher, or by cleaning with mild soap and water.

the Tantus Rumble lies diagonally over a sheet of iceTantus has since released three other vibrator head covers – the Convertible (which can mount any bullet-compatible dildo to the Rumble), the Spoon (for g- and p-spot pleasure), and the Dorado (which flutters back and forth) – making this vibrator more adaptable than it initially was. I haven’t had a chance to try any of the replaceable heads, but I’d love to try the Spoon! All of these options are made in the same silicone as the original head cover is.

The Rumble is charged via a USB plug-in and it holds a charge for 4.5 hours. It is relatively quiet and discrete, and the innovative shape and weight of it makes it a much more physically accessible option for many folks. You can find it at Tantus (US), Stockroom (US), or GoodVibes (US).

This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.

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