Mystic Wand by Vibratex

Mystic Wand-2

Personally, I can’t quite handle the original Hitachi. The lowest setting borders the line between being great/way too much vibrations, and I won’t even consider the higher setting.

Then there’s the Mystic Wand.

The higher settings are a little noisier, but as a whole, the vibrations are fairly quiet. It comes with six different vibration settings; three speeds, two different pulsing options, and then one that slowly builds in intensity and then drops back, which is my favourite to use when I’m wanting to tease or draw out an orgasm. The highest setting is about equal with Hitachi’s low setting.

It comes in a nice black-velvet bag for storage, which is not very good for the toy. The velvet sheds all over the head and is a bit difficult to clean off; I highly recommend keeping the toy in some other type of bag instead.

Mystic Wand-1-2

The Mystic Wand is cordless – no need to worry about you moving a bit too far when you’re about to orgasm and pulling the plug out which has happened probably every time I’ve used a corded vibrator. If I’m using one in porn I always bring a roll of electrical tape and an extra extension cord in attempt to avoid this issue. This one takes four AA batteries and these last for ages. I am incredibly impressed at the battery life.

The head is flexible, making it easy to angle it in place if penetration is also happening, and while it isn’t 100% waterproof due to the battery compartment, it is splash-proof/safe for those who squirt.

I use the vibrator externally on the clit most frequently but have also used it externally between the anus and the underside of the balls as well as trying it as internally in a vagina and it has been very well-received in all those cases. Note – if you can’t take a small fist, don’t expect to get the vibrator inside you.

The grooves on the head make it a little bit harder to clean than I would like. I tend to clean it both with toy cleaner and use baby wipes in the grooves. If sharing between multiple people I recommend putting a condom over it due to the grooves.

Buy it from Goodvibes or Come as You Are!