Pleasure Works Sidekick Review

Sidekick Butt Plug by Pleasure WorksForever wanting to expand my collecting of butt toys – and get my butt back in the habit of taking things – I was quite pleased to get my hands on the Pleasure Work’s Sidekick.

It is non-porous and extremely easy-to-clean, made out of a smooth silicone. I ordered mine in the colour “merlot”; a very pretty reddish purple that is covered in some discrete glitter/sparkle. It is fairly firm with only a slight give and very little flexibility.

When I went to test this toy, I decided to use it vaginally first and then proceed to testing it anally. And honestly I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed using it in my vagina! The Sidekick applied a nice amount of pressure against my g-spot and it stayed in place quite well. I tried holding my Doxy vibrator to the base and was pleased by how well the vibrations carried through the silicone. Moving the vibrator to my clit, I was able to thrust the butt plug in my vagina, targeting my g-spot, and was really happy with how it worked.

When it came to testing it anally, I tested it both in my own ass and in the anus of someone with a prostate. My butt is much pickier these days than it used to be – it’s much harder for me to take larger (or even medium-sized) toys, so I’ve been trying to find a new plug that will stay in place, isn’t too small, but is small enough that it won’t get in the way during PIV with a partner.

The Sidekick was a bit too large for the latter requirement, at least for now, but it fit my butt nicely without overwhelming me. It’s still a touch larger than would be ideal for me for use during vaginal sex, but if your butt is more accustomed to receiving penetration (which…it probably is, to be honest…), it will be a better fit for you.

For whatever reason, I always want to put butt-toys in my vagina. I know – that’s not what they’re designed for, but I’m curious, damnit! I want to know how many ways the toy can work for me. I want to know if it’ll work as a vaginal “plug” that I can wear in me while doing housework (the Sidekick can!). I want to know if the base will get in the way if I’m using a vibrator clitorally or putting something in my butt (the Sidekick’s base did not!). I used the toy anally for my test, but I strongly prefer the feeling of it vaginally.

When I tested the Sidekick on my lover, he reported that hit his prostate very easily. He is still a bit of a beginner to prostate stimulation, so a toy that hits his prostate without much difficulty is always great. Like me, he reported that the vibrations traveled very well through the toy and that the extra stimulation was a very enjoyable addition.

This toy would be good for:

  • Those who want an affordable, pretty, and body-safe butt plug
  • Those who want a toy that will stay in their vagina when they are moving around
  • People who like butt plugs that are easy to clean and have a bit of give but aren’t super soft

Costing only $28 USD for the larger size through GoodVibes, the Sidekick is shockingly good for the price-point. I would definitely recommend it for those who want an affordable butt plug.

This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.


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