“I was wondering…” I began nervously, trying to control my voice in order to appear more relaxed than I actually was. “How would you feel about me having, you know, a thing. Of yours. That I could wear around my…

Spotlight: Kelvin Sparks Reviews

Meet Kelvin Sparks, an intersex trans man who is a sex blogger, erotica writer, and toy reviewer based in the UK. He is bisexual and predominantly dates and/or fucks other trans folks, and has a wide-range of experiences from monogamy/non-monogamy, vanilla/kink, topping/bottoming, and more. He also has worked as a sex worker in the past, which I personally would love to hear more about because I have seen so few trans men talk about that before (other than myself)!

June Spotlight: Hermione Danger

This is a blog that’s run by – you guessed it – Hermione Danger, a delightful dog lover, librarian, sports fan, and self-professed “Ravenpuff” (which is the cutest sounding house, lets be real). She’s a kinky submissive (mostly), rope bunny, and masochist who is monogamously partnered with a long distance dominant who goes by Swarley. As someone who also has a long distance dominant…this suuuuucks so much.