Ruby Glow

I’m one of those people who can get off to most things, if properly motivated. I enjoy most kinds of sensations and types of stimulation, and have fetishes for so very much.

I’ve also gotten to the point in my (young) life where I’ve gone through a large number of “firsts”; when I’m met with an opportunity to try something new, I tend to jump at it, always thrilled to try something that I’ve yet to experience, which brings me to this review!

The Idea

The Ruby Glow sits on top of an old, ornate white radiator. It is angled so you can see the ridges on the clitoral stimulator, the mound that stimulates the vaginal opening and the perineum face the cameraThe Ruby Glow by Rocks Off is a non-penetrative vibrator designed for people with vaginas to straddle, with or without clothing, for a hands free experience. It presses against your clitoris, pubic bone, and vagina all at once, and is apparently marketed toward “anyone who works from home, or has mobility issues”.

There are two independently controlled vibrators (one in the clitoral section, one in the vaginal/perineal mound section). Each vibrator has ten different speeds and pulsations.

You sit on the vibrator, set each motor, and either grind away or sit there and just enjoy it. According to the Rocks Off website, it is supposed to provide “mesmerizing stimulation” while “seductively taking you to your ultimate hands free orgasm”.

This is a pretty big claim, and not one that I was expecting it to live up to, but the idea appealed to me nonetheless.

You see, I’ve always loved the idea of being bound and secured to a Sybian, having orgasm after orgasm forced out of me until they stop feeling pleasurable and I am begging for mercy. But, based on the types of vibration I enjoy and the type of vibration the Sybian provides, I didn’t really expect to actually enjoy a Sybian. And, given the price tag, I never expected to try it.

So I put this particular fantasy out of mind for the most part, until I saw the Ruby Glow. It’s not the same thing, but I had hopes that this vibrator would do the trick for this specific fantasy, as the idea behind the toy is the same.

The Details

The Ruby Glow by Rocks Off lies upside down on an old, ornate white radiator. The toy's clitoral section is hooked onto the radiator, holding it in place, and the battery pack is exposed on the underside of the toy where the vaginal mound restsThe Ruby Glow is made out of a delightfully silky smooth silicone, aside from a patch on bottom where the batteries go in (of which it takes two AAA). The two control buttons are located on the front of the vibrator, and the clitoral area of the toy is textured for added stimulation.

The controls take a bit of getting used to, in my opinion. When sitting on the vibrator, the button closest to your clitoris controls the motor located at your pubic mound and the one furthest away from the clit controls the clitoral motor. Personally, I find this to seem quite backwards. Each vibrator has ten settings, which are controlled by one singular button each. This means it takes forever to cycle through if you accidentally hit the wrong button, though it restarts from the beginning if you turn the vibrator off. The first three settings of the motors are intensity levels, followed by 7 different patterns.

I’d like to remind everyone that this is, in fact, 2017. It’s not hard to make a rechargeable vibrator (Rocks Off makes the Heart Throb and JIRA, both of which are rechargeable and thus also waterproof, whereas the Ruby Glow is only splash proof). It’s not hard to make easy-to-use controls, it’s not hard to recognize that, in the heat of the moment, cycling through ten different settings using one button, and then the same on the other button, really isn’t the most convenient of things. We can do better at that by now.

It is also a “one-size-fits-all” toy, which we all know does not work for every body. The Ruby Glow fits my genital configurement surprisingly nicely, which was a pleasant discovery, but also makes me suspect that it may be a worse fit for most folks who haven’t taken Testosterone.

The Experience

The first time I tried the Ruby Glow, I was lying on my back in bed. I held it against my genitals and cycled through various speeds and patterns. I grinded against against it a bit, flipping through porn, watching various videos that caught my eyes, enjoying the sensations the toy was giving me, but definitely not getting anywhere close to an orgasm.

After about 15 minutes of this, I was turned on enough that I became annoyed by the fact that I wasn’t going to orgasm from it, this and decided to put it away and get myself off with a dildo and a wand vibrator.

The Ruby Glow sits on top of an old, ornate white radiator. It is angled so you can see the two control buttons and the top of the ridges on the clitoral stimulator. The mound that stimulates the vaginal opening and the perineum can be seen in the backgroundFor the second test, I sat on the Ruby Glow on my bed. I wanted to see if the added pressure would help me get what I needed to get off. Unfortunately, my bed has an extremely cushiony mattress topper and I found both myself and the toy sinking into the mattress, causing the vibrator to fall out of proper alignment. I moved to my computer chair instead.

This surface is firmer, though still a little bit cushioned, so the Ruby Glow was supported nicely as it was pressed against my cunt. The vibrations traveled through my body, I could feel the build-up like before, but like before, it just didn’t quite do the trick for me.

What about the dining chair? It has an even firmer surface!

This is by far more enjoyable then my other two tests in terms of how well the vibrations go into my body. It’s also the loudest yet. The Ruby Glow is not the loudest toy I own by any means, but it’s on the buzzier side of the spectrum and the sound is enough to annoy me after I’ve been sitting on the toy for even five minutes. And unfortunately, it gets louder as the surface becomes firmer (I only tried it on the top of my dresser for about 30 seconds before the noise bothered me too much).

The toy is nice and turns me on a lot, I enjoy it, but the whole time I’m using it, I can’t help but think that I wish I had something inside of me. It’s just not doing the job for me otherwise. I used this toy for 40 minutes straight at one point, watching some very nice forced orgasm/latex porn, grinding against it, and it still can turn me on and make me feel great and then…it goes no where and I lose interest. The vibration intensity is just not as much as I need to stay captivated by the toy (and I don’t tend to like really strong vibrations).

And so, finally, I caved.

On my final test, I had the Butnick by Hole Punch Toys in my cunt and the CalExotics Booty Call Booty Rocker in my ass, and I had a very sexy man texting me delightfully dirty things about my place in his world and things that I need to beg for and…and I wedged the Ruby Glow so that the vibrations hit my clit and traveled through both plugs, and this time, this time it worked!

The Takeaway

The Ruby Glow was enjoyable for me, though it didn’t work quite well enough that I would want to spend money on it. It’s best as a teasing/warm up toy, but not worth spending around $70 for it when so many other toys can both tease and deliver.

I’d be willing to overlook my other annoyances with the toy (the buttons, and the batteries), just as long as the vibrations were strong enough to get me off and a bit more rumbly – and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve said “I want stronger vibrations”.

Who might this toy be good for?

  • People who don’t like/require penetration for their orgasms
  • People who don’t like strong/rumbly vibes
  • People who want a toy that will tease without running the risk of an accidental/forbidden orgasm

You can buy the Ruby Glow through SheVibe, GoodVibes, or LoveHoney.


This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.

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