Tantus B-Bomb

I’ve been in the market for a nice butt plug for a while. I have the Njoy Pure Plug Medium which is amazing but it’s a little too big for plug + getting fucked, which is basically my favourite thing. The B-Bomb is perfect for this.


It has a little bit of give to it but not a lot, and doesn’t have any worrisome smells or tastes thanks to Tantus’ eco-friendly and body-safe practices. It is very well-shaped for both solo- and partnered-play; I had no issue lining it up and inserting it. Once I had it in, in sat comfortably. I got up and walked around, grabbing the other toys I wanted to test out (Vixen Creations’ Tex and Nexus Sr) and I did some basic stretches to see how awkward the plug would make things and was very pleased that it stayed put. I wasn’t worrying about it coming out and there wasn’t a time when I had that uncomfortable moment of “ouch, can’t move like that with a toy in me”.

The B-Bomb is slightly sticky so it will pick up more lint/pet hair than other toys. Be sure to give it a thorough cleaning before use in order to remove whatever dirt it has picked up.

99% of the time I don’t enjoy bullet vibes with anal toys and this was no exception. It’s just not for me. I tested this bullet just long enough to know that I wasn’t super fond of it, then removed the toy out to see how easy it would be to insert without the bullet vibrator and had a tiny bit of issue here. The material surrounding the bullet hole is softer than the material elsewhere so in order to insert it without the vibe I had to first put my finger inside the hole and push that way. Once inside me, the lack of bullet made no difference in how it felt. Since it didn’t feel any different inside me, I’m not upset by the more awkward method of inserting.


If you’re interested in finding a butt plug for extended use while out and about, this one works great without the vibe in it as long as your pants aren’t too tight on the butt and made out of a thin material. You can’t see a thing with men’s slim-cut jeans but there was a faint outline in my women’s skinny pants (made mostly out of cotton).

I tested it with two different toys in my vagina; Tex is shorter and thicker and Nexus Sr. (the straight side) is longer and thinner and personally preferred the plug paired with the Nexus Sr due to the extra length. The B-Bomb stayed put while I was using each of the dildos and unlike with my Pure Plug, I didn’t feel as though the B-Bomb was in the way at all.

It is very light (0.3 lb) which will be a pro for some and a con for others. For those who have trouble with muscle fatigue or related disabilities, you may find the B-Bomb works well for you!

You can purchase it from Come As You Are or Tantus (remember with Tantus you can use the code “TJM” upon checkout, you’ll receive 15% off your order)!

This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.