Dalia and Adori by Désirables Review

The folks over at Désirables really know how to make toys that are lovely to use and packaged in such a god damned pretty way.


I’ve been on a Canadian kick as of late so when researching local companies I came across this store I had never heard of. The site is beautifully put together (seriously go look at their home page), though they have things split into the sections “for her” and “for him (coming soon)”, which always irks the hell out of me (especially as the toys they currently sell work equally well for people with any type of genitals) but aside from that, it’s a very well-designed site especially for a sex toy company. 1 2

I selected their dildo, Dalia, and set of three massage stones, Adori, to review. The store is located in Montreal so the instruction manuals (also available online) are written both in French and in English then we’ve got a raw silk carrying case – visually this is such a difference from the plain black or white carrying cases you normally get with toys – and a red satin-lined box and an authenticity card.


The box is inlayed with Désirables’ logo which I didn’t even notice for about a week but I really like it now that I know it’s there. This logo can also be seen on the toys themselves – in the middle of Daliah and on the inner part of each of the Adori massagers.


Both the dildo and the massagers are made out of porcelain which personally I had never seen before but lends certain advantages to the toys – they’re compatible with every type of lube, retain temperature (hot and cold), are very easy to clean, phthalates-free and are extremely body-safe/hypoallergenic.

Both Dalia and Adori can be cleaned with a toy cleaner, with soap and water, or by boiling them.



According to the website and packaging, this dildo is a “porcelain explorer for women”. It was designed to help with Kegel exercises on the rounded side and target your g-spot on the pointed side so I know they designed the dildo with a vagina in mind but let’s be real – even if we’re ignoring AFAB trans folk…it’s a dildo. And it works quite well in someone’s butt, especially if they have a prostate.


It was lighter than I expected it to be and initially a bit cool to the touch though it warms up quickly. Dalia is very smooth except for where the Désirables logo is; as you can see from the picture below, the texture on this part is different and a bit rougher. Since I am super paranoid about toy cleanliness, I really dislike this part as it makes it a little bit harder to clean in that weird little square.


Being porcelain, there are obviously no weird smells or tastes to it after cleaning and it does not vibrate (something Désirables feels very strongly about). With some toys that don’t vibrate, holding a vibrator to the base of it works well; with a porcelain toy this just adds an annoying sound of porcelain hitting your vibrator and I doubt that’s good for either toy so it’s probably best to avoid that.

When using this toy vaginally, I started with the smaller, round side designed to help with Kegels. It works well for thrusting if you prefer something smaller and aren’t looking for a lot of g-spot stimulation but I quickly flipped it over and used the pointed side instead. I didn’t require any lube with it vaginally (something I tend to use no matter how wet I am); the smoothness of the porcelain mixed with the rather petite size lends itself to easy, comfortable insertion.

The point at the tip is subtle but targets a g-spot rather easily (the website says the tip is good even if you have a small g-spot) and since there are no vibrations you have complete control over how much pressure you apply.

Anally I prefer the side meant for Kegels. I used water-based lube and only needed to use a small amount as it spreads easily across the
surface of the Dalia. Angled toward my g-spot, it proved to be a really nice anal toy as well. It was a bit cool when I initially inserted it, unlike when I used it vaginally and didn’t notice the temperature, though it warmed up quickly.



Again, I’m going to start with my initial disappointment. When I opened the box to the Adori massagers, I noticed that the smallest of the three had broken in two sometime during the shipping process. I sent them an email to let them know I had received the package and that one of the massagers had broken and received a response later that day asking if I wanted them to send me a replacement which I turned down.


The carrying case for this one is neat because it comes with three compartments to keep the massagers for banging against each other.
The smallest one is meant to be used for deep muscles and pressure massages, the medium for every kind of muscle and light touches, and the large one for big muscles and a light massage. The instruction manual has some tips for how you can hold them to achieve desired results but they’re versatile so feel free to experiment!

The Adori massagers work nicely to get at tricky knots, help keep your hands from getting tired too quickly and also facilitate applying more pressure if you’re not the largest/strongest of people.

I am really looking forward to seeing what this company produces next. It’s clear that they’ve put a lot of careful thought and effort into their products and believe in quality over quantity. The products look and feel amazing, as does the packaging and the website. Really my only complaint is their insistence on gendering things that don’t need gendering. Given how well-put-together everything was, this gendering annoyed me a little bit more than it would have otherwise but if that’s my only complaint about a company, they’re not doing too bad a job.

You can buy the Dalia here and the Adori here.

This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.


  1. When I initially posted this review on 08-29-2015, Desirables told me that they would look into fixing the gender issue. They improved the website to no longer be split into “for her” and “for him” but left the gender labels on the packaging.
  2. I am delighted to announce that this has now changed! As of 06-05-2016, Desirables has decided to remove the gender labeling from their packaging!