We-Vibe Nope (I Mean, Nova)

On a mission to find sex toys that are compatible for folks with larger clits and/or those who have experienced growth from taking Testosterone, I found myself curious if the We Vibe Nova would be the rabbit vibe for us.

Given the amount of space between the internal and external arm, I had high hopes for this one! I imagined being able to insert the internal arm into my vagina and have the external arm comfortably encompassing my clit. I read that the Nova’s external arm is flexible in order to move with your body, so my expectations were even higher that this one would work for me.

Rabbit vibes are notoriously difficult to get to fit your body correctly. If they do fit properly (external arm reaches your clit (or sits comfortably if used anally), it applies the correct amount of pressure; internal arm has to reach your g-, a-, or p-spot, be the length and girth you want, and both need to have the type and strength of vibration that you prefer.

This is a big ask!

Even bigger when you add a drastically different genital size/shape than the manufacturers expected when designing the toy.

So. How did the Nova line-up with my hopes?

Pretty poorly, to be honest.

The internal arm is perfect for me. It’s a great g-spot toy and the vibrations carry through the silicone quite well, and the app is able to make the vibrations as strong as I need (or nonexistent when I’d rather not have internal vibes).

The external arm, however, did not earn such a favorable review. It sits on my pubic bone about an inch past the base of my clit. The curve is so drastic that no part of the external arm connects with any part of my clit at all.

What makes it even worse is that the external arm gets in the way when I attempt to thrust the toy (it’s already hard enough for me to thrust g-spot toys), and makes it impossible to use a different vibe externally. The final bit of bad news is that, as I move the vibrator inside of me, the external arm goes from sitting on my pubic bone to pinching it.

Now, the external arm is flexible and built to be moved around with your body. So is there a way to adjust the external arm to get better contact for me? No. No there isn’t.

If I curl the arm in toward my body, my clit gets shoved into the most uncomfortable spot. If I unfurl the arm, it ends up vibrating near my bellybutton. I can hold it in place on my clit but then my hand gets numb from the vibrations against the palm.

Alright – so we’ve covered that I have no interest in this toy for my specific genitals. What about it’s other features? After all, it may fit you better than it does me.

Let’s talk about the controls.

The Nova is controlled by an app or by buttons on the end of the toy. I find the buttons to be so cumbersome that I will only ever use this vibrator with the app.

These took me Quite Some Time to understand.

There are 5 buttons – a centre one, -, >, +, <

The centre button selects what part of the toy you’re adjusting (internal arm, external arm, or entire toy)

< and > cycle through the vibration settings

+ and – adjust the vibration intensity

The first several times I used this toy, I thought the middle button was also changing the vibe pattern and I couldn’t figure out how or why.

The instruction manual didn’t help me figure it out, but after a while of grumbling and pressing buttons, I solved it! There are certain patterns that are JUST external or internal, and then there are others that have a combo.

The combo sometimes has internal arm and external things doing different things. So when it’s set on one of those settings (which you don’t know without the app until you’re really familiar with the toy), it FEELS like pressing the middle button changes the vibe setting because the two arms do different things.

I genuinely just don’t understand how the toy controls are supposed to work and be helpful, especially as you can’t see them if you’re using the toy on yourself.

This is when the app comes into play!

Nova Phone App

With Nova‘s app, you have a visual display of what the vibrations are doing and you have a VERY easy way to adjust the intensity of each arm separately with just a swipe of your finger (be careful not to get lube on your screen!).

The app connects via Blutooth and you can either control the vibrator yourself, or give access to a partner (controllable from anywhere in the world)

There is an in-app option to text, video call, or phone call with your lover through the app itself and you can give and take control over the vibrations.

While I didn’t like it personally, Kate Sloan, Lilly, and Sarah Jane did! Check out their reviews if you want to hear what people liked about this toy.


  • I wish the external arm didn’t exist
  • This would probably work better for those who have smaller clits than me
  • The vibe controls are awful but I love the app
  • Between my feelings toward the controls and the price, I’m hard-pressed to recommend this toy
  • That said, it is extremely customizable, meaning I believe it to be more likely to work for a greater number of body types than most other dual-stim (“rabbit”) vibes on the market
  • The vibration motors are surprisingly strong and rumbly

You can buy it through GoodVibes ($149 USD), Come As You Are ($152 CAD), or UberKinky (£106.99).

This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.

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