Tantus Twist

I’ve been curious about twisted plugs like this for a while. I kept lusting after this one and the Do the Twist glass dildo, wondering about how they’d feel. Since I am oddly obsessed with textures, I figured there was a good chance I’d love it. Having (finally!) tried Tantus’ Twist, I have to say that I think I like the thought of this toy more than I do the actual reality of it but that it’s growing on me.

Inserting it the first time was awkward at best. I tried pushing it in as I would any other butt plug and found that each bump was very noticeable; I expected it to feel more like anal beads when inserting and removing and a plug when inside but it didn’t. I’m not really sure how to describe the sensation of insertion but it was unlike any style of toy I’ve tried before and semi-uncomfortable to insert and remove. Personally, I found that turning the toy a bit while inserting made it more comfortable, as long as I twisted with the shape of the toy, not against it. Removing the plug had the same problems as inserting it did.

Each time I’ve used the Twist it has gotten more comfortable and pleasurable but I had to commit to using it about five times before I hit the point where it started to “work” for me. I’m getting there, slowly.

Tantus Twist

Once it was in, I didn’t really feel the texture unless I was moving the toy around inside me. The handle fit comfortably between my cheeks and the stamped “Tantus” brand is on the outermost part of the handle which I liked as it makes it easier to keep that part of the plug clean. Given that the Twist is made by Tantus, it is 100% medical-grade silicone, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and completely body-safe. You can boil it, bleach it, stick it in the dishwasher, or use toy cleaner to clean it. It has no smell or taste and it is not sticky so it doesn’t pick up much lint (though the ridges do make it more likely to retain dust/etc if you don’t clean and store it well). In my opinion, the way it twists makes it look smaller than it feels, so be prepared for that! It’s also surprisingly silky, which I really loved as it makes it really soft and pleasant-feeling in both your hand and your bum.

Tantus Twist

Despite the Twist’s relatively small size, it is NOT a beginner’s butt plug due to how textured it is.

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This item was given to me in exchange for an honest review. That said, my opinions have not been impacted by this.